D&D Inclusion Consulting provides full services in:

Project Management

Dipal has strong project management skills having managed large scale projects for the Government of Ontario. To ensure projects are successful, careful planning is conducted from the outset, including the development of project scope, milestones/work plans, and identification of key stakeholders, resources and constraints. Throughout the engagement, the focus is on meeting set timelines, maximizing resources, and mitigating issues to ensure the successful outcome of the project.

Research and Policy Development

A  policy wonk at heart, Dipal has extensive research and policy development experience and has worked in various policy areas with federal, provincial and municipal governments. Areas of expertise include literature reviews, environmental scans, needs assessments, data analysis, position papers, business cases and policy briefs – all of which are written in a clear and concise style that is easy to read and understand.

Strategic Planning and Writing

By bringing a fresh lens and strong strategic thinking skills, Dipal can assist your organization in developing strategic documents – whether that is gathering information on current trends and issues, identifying clear and actionable objectives, or developing an action plan to reach your organization’s goals.

Stakeholder Consultations

For consultations to be successful, they require informed and meaningful participation by people and/or organizations that could be potentially affected. From the outset of the engagement, key stakeholders are identified with thought given to the ‘unusual suspects’, as this approach allows for meaningful dialogue and a robust understanding of the issues. Stakeholder engagement plans are designed with an emphasis on making it a continuous process for the organization.

Program Evaluation

To arrive at an evidence-informed decision on your organization’s program, quantitative and qualitative approaches are used in the evaluation. A key part of the engagement involves the identification of key stakeholders that can serve as an advisory function to the evaluation. Based on the type of evaluation, a variety of tools are used such as surveys, interviews and focus groups.